16 Week Pregnancy Diet

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If you could see inside and see your baby growing, you could see him sucking his thumb. It has finally made it to the mouth! Read more about the 16 & ordf; week of pregnancy.

16 week pregnancy diet Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Fetal development

You are now 16 weeks pregnant and your baby’s retinas begin to function this week.

However, don’t try exposing your belly to bright lights to see if she reacts, because her neural circuits aren’t mature enough yet and her sensory organs are still too fragile to stimulate like that. If you haven’t felt it yet, you may feel like your baby is moving for the first time this week (or in the next few weeks). These movements are still very light, so don’t expect great sensations. The sensation is like butterfly wings inside the belly or little bubbles. It’s an exciting and wonderful feeling, but don’t worry if you haven’t felt it yet, each baby grows at a different rate. Your baby is fine!

During this period, around 16 weeks of pregnancy or even earlier, the appearance of lanugo in the baby begins. It is a layer of fine hair that covers the fetus during its development in the uterus, acting as a protective layer while the subcutaneous fat is formed and the skin is strengthened. As the fetus grows, the lanugo is shedding and in some cases it is present when the baby has already been born, especially in premature babies, but there is nothing to worry about, since it is completely natural.

Changes in the body at 16 weeks of pregnancy

16 week pregnancy diet guide If you have cravings, you may wonder if it’s because you’re lacking in nutrients. The answer is no. It is simply a hormone related side effect of pregnancy. You have probably noticed that certain foods seem different or less palatable. Others, however, have become indispensable! The body works like this during pregnancy, without rhyme or reason. You just have to make an effort to remember the word “moderation.” with everything you eat. One piece of advice, try to find a balance between indulging yourself and taking care of your body and your growing baby.

There is another aspect that can concern us during this stage of pregnancy: asymptomatic bacteriuria. This difficult term is used to refer to a urinary infection without the presence of its typical symptoms. This inconvenience is due to the physical and hormonal changes that occur in the urinary tract of a pregnant woman: it increases the pH of the urine and the volume of the bladder, decreases the bladder and urethral tone, etc. making the pregnant woman much more susceptible to having a urine infection. Given this, we must be careful and go to our doctor to have this aspect controlled.

What to eat and what not to

Vitamin A is important when you’re pregnant, but only in the right amounts – not too much, not too little. How do you know what the correct amount is? A normal diet should provide enough vitamin A, so there is no need for supplements. In fact, excessive consumption can be harmful to the baby. Remember that some skin treatments that contain vitamin A are prohibited for pregnant women. What to eat or not to provide you with all the vitamin A that you and your baby need. Milk and dairy products, butter, eggs (especially the yolks), brightly colored vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, parsley, tomatoes or carrots, and orange and yellow fruits (apricots, melon, mango, etc.).

Tips for pregnant women

At around 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is advised that the couple of expectant parents sign up for a prenatal class to begin preparing for the birth of their baby, especially if it is their first baby (or if it has been many years since the last baby). In the classes you will learn about childbirth, how to relieve pain, breathing and relaxation techniques. They can also include a visit to a delivery room, gymnastics for pregnant women and many other useful things. Childbirth classes are the ideal opportunity to meet other mothers or couples. Who better to share your experience?

Around week 16 of pregnancy, it is recommended to perform triple screening or second trimester screening, where the alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test is carried out, which basically consists of a blood test. This test is capable of detecting the presence of Down syndrome in the fetus in 35% of cases. But because these tests are not conclusive, it is important to also perform amniocentosis, especially for those cases in which an abnormal AFP result has been obtained.

Mom’s testimonials

Sonia, 28 years old, 16 weeks pregnant

& laquo; Well, we will have to surrender to the evidence. I don’t fit in my clothes anymore, so. What better excuse to go shopping with friends? Anyway, I advise the public: who can lend me fashionable maternity clothes?

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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