19 Week Pregnancy Diet

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In our articles about pregnancy week by week, we show you the evolution of the baby and the changes that the pregnant woman undergoes, today is week 19 of pregnancy.

In our articles on pregnancy week by week, you will see how the baby is already very formed this week, we will be able to clearly observe his little body in the ultrasound of this month, and we will also be able to appreciate how does it move. In addition, the functioning of her organs is already well advanced.

19 weeks pregnant, how many months is it

19 week pregnancy diet At week 19 of pregnancy, we are practically 5 months, about to pass the Equator. Both her brain and spinal cord continue to form and develop, and her skin has fine protective hair, known as lanugo. In this week it is very likely that we can already know, reliably, the sex of our baby.

Many mothers will notice the baby’s movements in the 19th week of pregnancy, the most normal thing is that these begin to be noticed either in the 18th week, or from the 20th week. But the truth is that the embryo already it moves a lot .

Main changes in week 19 of pregnancy

In the 19th week of pregnancy, if the baby is a girl, his reproductive system will already be quite developed, while, if he is a boy, his testicles are already fully formed, and the external genitalia will continue to grow .

On the other hand, in the 19th week of pregnancy, her skin will begin to produce a whitish layer, known as “vernix caseosa”. This is a substance that is produced by the fats that the baby’s skin secretes, as well as the dead cells, and also the lanugo, which is the hair that is covering the body of it. Estavernix serves to protect your skin from amniotic fluid, and much of this layer will disappear before the baby is born.

19 week pregnancy diet guide From about the 19th week of pregnancy, the baby will have more balanced sleep cycles, as she begins to develop more regular sleep habits. Also, when you notice movements or external noises, the baby will already be able to hear them, and wake up.

Between the 19th week of pregnancy or perhaps the 20th, depending on the gynecologist’s criteria, we will do the so-called morphological ultrasound, which serves to assess the fetal structure and abnormalities can also be diagnosed in the development of the baby. In circumstances in which the diagnosis is of fetal malformation, until week 22 and in a totally legal way, there is the possibility of interrupting the pregnancy .

What are the changes for the mother

It is more than likely that in the 19th week of pregnancy we begin to notice heaviness and swollen legs . Varicose veins can appear due to circulation problems, so it is advisable not to stand too long, walk as much as possible, or bend your legs when we sit down. Breathing can become heavier, as if with a feeling of fatigue. This is because our belly has already grown and the diaphragm rises, but this sensation of breathing differently is not at all worrisome.

One of the main changes in our body will be the increase in vaginal discharge, which will be white or yellowish in color, and somewhat thicker than normal vaginal discharge. It is called leucorrhea, and its cause is increased blood flow in the vaginal mucosa. In addition, the labia majora and minora of the vagina will be somewhat more bulky, this is typical of this period of pregnancy. In addition, the spots that we already had on the body, can be made more evident. It is essential, on the most exposed parts of the body, that we always apply a moisturizing cream with a good sunscreen.

On the other hand, and if we do not have special weight problems, we can eat almost any food (except those not indicated for any pregnant woman such as raw meat and fish, or sausage, due to the parasite toxoplasmosis). Of course, we must always follow a balanced diet, even if we have the classic cravings.

How to take care of ourselves in the 19th week of pregnancy

Good nutrition is essential, but at the 19th week of pregnancy we must pay attention to foods rich in vitamin E , since they are preventive, and their objective will be to prevent the baby from developing future allergies. It is convenient that we consume foods such as nuts, green salads, green leafy vegetables, fruits or eggs.

If we are practicing some type of exercise, in these months when we will feel heavier, soft water sports are a great option, since water will be an element that will help us to feel lighter. On the other hand, it is still very convenient to go for a walk, to take good walks with comfortable shoes, the longer the better, since it is excellent for circulation. The most probable thing from week 19 of pregnancy is that we will start looking for classes for pregnant women, both physical exercise, and prepartum classes .

Many municipal sports centers offer them, and you can also search through health insurance. In addition to water exercises and walks, some exercises such as pedaling in the water, or doing arm exercises, or running without moving are usually highly recommended. All these exercises will help us tone arms and legs, and strengthen the back, which is likely to hurt due to the weight of the belly.

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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