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For anyone who is currently pregnant and you are curious about the question: before pregnancy diet. You will see numerous valuable information and facts on this particular topic, as well as tips, advice, experiences, and answers in order to questions related to having a baby, proper nutrition and diet plans.

Are you planning a pregnancy ? If so, feeding prior to pregnancy is something that you should take into account. It is now when you should include dietary guidelines that guarantee the health of the mother (and the father) and thus ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby .

before pregnancy diet There are numerous studies that reveal that a large percentage of the population of childbearing age does not eat properly , this can affect the health of the baby, increase the number of abortions and in many occasions cause a low fertility.

Therefore, it would be advisable to follow a healthy diet during the 3-6 months prior to pregnancy . In this way, you will make sure to cover all the essential nutrients.


Essential nutrients

Vitamin E.

It is a antioxidant vitamin that protects the lipids of cell membranes and allows cells to have greater vitality. It is the anti-aging vitamin.

before pregnancy diet guide Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils (olive, sunflower …), legumes, the germ of cereals, nuts, avocado and lettuce (green leafy vegetables).

Vitamin A.

Good quality of the mucous membranes depends on vitamin A, which is important for the fertilized egg to implant correctly.

Vitamin A is found mainly in carrots, parsley, spinach, aged cheese, eggs, mollusks, sardines, mango tuna, persimmons, tangerines and papaya.

Vitamin B6.

Taking oral contraceptives causes less vitamin B6 to be absorbed.

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin (soluble in water) and is essential for the correct formation of the nervous system . It also helps with the absorption of folic acid.

The main sources are meats, fish and shellfish, eggs, whole grains and nuts.

Folic acid.

It is important that the daily diet includes foods rich in folic acid , since in the second month of pregnancy the nervous system has already begun to form < / strong> and it is before pregnancy (if possible, about 3 months before) when you should supplement or otherwise make a diet rich in this vitamin. < / p>

One of the serious consequences of folic acid deficiency is the malformation of the fetal neuronal tube during pregnancy, this malformation is known as spina bifida.

There are factors that prevent the correct assimilation of this vitamin such as oral contraceptives, alcohol and some medications.

We can find it in beer yeast, spinach, endives, broccoli, cabbages, red beets, asparagus, egg (yolk), red pepper, soybeans, legumes, nuts, zucchini, leek, tomato, whole wheat bread, avocado, banana, melon and orange among others.


It is very important to start pregnancy with iron stores full. In pregnancy there is a natural tendency towards anemia and this will be reduced if the woman begins the pregnancy with a good reserve of this mineral.

You can find it in whole foods, brewer’s yeast, legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, egg (yolk), meat and fish. The organ meats are rich in iron but it is advisable not to abuse them due to the amount of cholesterol they contain.

Zinc is very important to avoid delays in growth, have a correct sexual maturation and immune deficiencies .

This mineral must be provided throughout life through food, since we have no reserves.

Eggs, shellfish (oysters, prawns, prawns …), meats, sunflower seeds, beer yeast and wheat germ provide a quantity of zinc that is easily assimilated by the body.

Recommended foods during the months before pregnancy

Because they contain one or more of the essential nutrients that we have discussed above, these foods are recommended in the months prior to pregnancy . So, if you’re planning to get pregnant, they can’t be missing from your diet!

Pollen, brewer’s yeast, fish (especially blue), shellfish, dairy, eggs, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beets, asparagus, peppers, legumes, pineapple, banana, orange and nuts.

Example of balanced menus for the months before pregnancy

    • Beet, tomato, avocado and carrot salad.
    • Spinach omelette.
    • Pineapple.
      • Endive salad.
      • Yogurt with pollen.

      You can accompany these meals with rusks or slices of whole wheat bread .

      Be clear about it! pregnancy is an act of sharing and your previous diet will be key to developing a healthy pregnancy .

      Sílvia Child Nutritionist

      I am a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, specialized in Nutrition and Obesity and Child and Adolescent Nutrition. My experience as a nutritionist and mother of 2 children allow me to advise you on Little Recipes.

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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