If you’re expecting and you are interested in the thought: can i eat mango in first trimester. You will discover lots of beneficial info on that topic, as well as tips, advice, opinions, and answers in order to questions in relation to having a baby, correct nutrition and diet programs.

In pregnancy we have many doubts and almost all of them have to do with nutrition . We have already been talking about gestational diabetes and today we are going to solve another of the great doubts of pregnant women: «What foods are dangerous in pregnancy?» . In this article I will tell you what they are and when you should avoid them.

can i eat mango in first trimester Pregnancy is a unique experience and is not usually repeated many times throughout life, so we have to take advantage of it, enjoy it, and of course give the future child a diet healthy .


Fish with mercury during pregnancy

  • fish is essential in the pregnant woman’s diet , since it is a source of iodine and omega 3 , two essential elements for the fetus. But we must be careful with some of them.
  • As we already said in the blue fish monograph, pregnant women should refrain from eating bluefin tuna (usually fresh filleted), shark, swordfish and Emperor , since mercury levels in these fish are very high and can affect the baby’s nervous system . If you are planning a pregnancy you should also avoid them.
  • In the case of pregnant women , mercury can affect the development of the baby’s nervous system, lungs, kidneys, vision and hearing.
  • Of course, this does not mean that you should stop eating fish , but it is advisable to choose other varieties such as salmon, herring and sardines . These fish contain omega-3 fatty acids and therefore promote the brain development of the fetus.
  • Shrimp and prawns, haddock, cod, sole and scallops are also very nutritious. Remember that it is recommended to eat two generous servings of fish per week. And in case you have any doubts, I tell you that you can eat between 85 and 170g of canned tuna once a week.

Be careful with sushi and raw fish during pregnancy

  • Why? Very simple: there is a small probability that raw fish have bacteria or microbes and generate food poisoning , not only very unpleasant but also difficult to treat during pregnancy . In addition, the parasite can steal vital nutrients from the baby .
  • It is also not advisable to consume fish, or raw or undercooked seafood (sushi, ceviche, pickled anchovies, marinated, smoked …), since you can get infections or poisonings such as the anisakis . The safest fish is frozen (the larvae die at -20ºC in 24 hours or cooked at 60ºC for 10 minutes).
  • The fish that most commonly contain anisakis are salmon, sardines, anchovies, herring, cod, squid, pollock, hake, mackerel, horse mackerel and bonito .
  • In a nutshell: avoid sushi ! At least the one prepared with raw fish . If you like eagle rolls, crab or any other variety made in the tempura style (that is, fried), you can eat it calmly since being cooked they are safe.

Listeriosis, be careful if you are pregnant

Listeriosis is an infection that can occur if you eat food contaminated with Listeria (it can grow in refrigeration temperatures). Listeriosis does not usually affect the pregnant woman seriously, but it does affect her baby (among other problems, meningitis and blood infections). To avoid risks , a series of guidelines must be followed:

Well cooked meat and fish

  • meat and fish must be well cooked (not raw or undercooked).
  • The leftovers should be reheated until smoke comes out.
  • Avoid crossing between raw and cooked foods (do not handle them at the same time).

Sausages during pregnancy

  • Avoid raw sausages (unless you freeze them at 20ºC for 24 hours) and pâtés (no problem with canned pâtés but not artisans).
  • If you like to eat sandwiches in bars, we are going to give you news that you will not like: as with unpasteurized cheeses , there is a small risk that the Turkey and ham fresh out of the fridge contain listeria bacteria , as this disease can survive low temperatures.
  • This does not mean that you should stop eating what you like, you just have to do it differently. Always heat meats and cold cuts , as strong heat kills all bacteria . And if you don’t like it that way, from time to time you can eat unheated cold cuts or turkey but always buying vacuum packed products to avoid handling the food.

Unpasteurized cheeses

  • Do not drink milk or cheese unpasteurized . Watch especially cold cuts and “artisan” cheeses and read the labels (it should say “Cheese made with pasteurized milk”). Karyn Morse, MD and OB-GYN Cedars Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles, explains that “some cheeses, such as Brie, Camembert, feta or goat, are more likely to be made with raw milk and therefore, their probability of containing listeria, a disease that would be eliminated, increases. during pasteurization and which can lead to miscarriage or premature labor. ”
  • Avoid blue cheeses (Roquefort, Cabrales…) and creamy (Camembert, Brie…). The safest cheeses are hard (Parmesan, Cheddar …).
  • During pregnancy , you can eat cheese but we recommend that you always check the label of the cheese to verify that it has been made with pasteurized milk. If you have doubts about the preparation, you can heat the cheese to the point of melting or having bubbles, in order to eliminate possible bacteria .

Well washed and peeled fruits and vegetables

  • Wash and peel well all the fruits and vegetables that you are going to consume.
  • If you cannot peel them (strawberries, salad …), you must put them 5 min. soak with water and a few drops of bleach suitable for food use, then rinse well.

Sprouts and sprouts

  • Avoid sprouts (bean sprouts …).

Sausages during pregnancy

  • The Frankfurt sausages , even if they are cooked, must be reheated until they emit steam .

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis is caused by Toxoplasma, a parasite that can be found in raw meat, poorly washed vegetables or fruit and the excrement of cats .

can i eat mango in first trimester guide In the first trimester analysis you will be tested for toxoplasmosis, if it comes out positive, you should not worry, but if it comes out negative you have to take certain precautions :

  • Dispense with sausages that have not been cooked (especially artisanal).
  • Do not eat raw meat (carpaccios, steak tartare …) or undercooked.
  • Do not eat raw eggs , they must be well done (be careful with the yolk of fried eggs).
  • If you have cat avoid cleaning his drawer.
  • Peel, wash and / or disinfect fruits and vegetables that you are going to eat raw.

Serrano ham and chorizo ​​in pregnancy

  • And what about the Serrano ham or chorizo ​​ so typical in Spain? & # 8230; They can contain a parasite and give you toxoplasmosis that can be transmitted to the fetus and cause serious damage. For this reason, it is recommended either to cook the food beforehand or to freeze it, since the parasite cannot withstand temperatures of -20ºC for 2 days or -10ºC for 3 days. The normal thing is that any food currently sold passes rigorous sanitary controls and is free of any parasites, but as a precaution it is better to avoid them or follow the recommendations, no raw meat!

Salmonellosis, watch out for eggs in pregnancy

Raw or undercooked eggs carry a small risk of salmonella . During pregnancy , the immune system is weaker and therefore prone to being affected by food poisoning , which can cause dehydration and, in some cases, affect fetal growth or induce premature labor . Keep in mind that some sauces, such as Caesar salad, are made with raw eggs.

The solution is very simple: make sure you eat eggs well cooked. Do not stop eating them out of fear, eggs provide large doses of proteins and choline that are extremely important to prevent birth defects and boost fetal brain development.

  • Keep eggs refrigerated until eating.
  • Discard any cracked or dirty eggs.
  • Avoid sauces that use raw eggs in their preparation (hollandaise sauce, homemade mayonnaise , some Caesar sauces …).
  • Avoid eating meat undercooked and wash and disinfect fruits and vegetables that are to be eaten raw.

Spicy food during pregnancy

  • You may have been told that spicy food can induce labor. Well, there is no evidence in this regard so, as long as you do not have acidity , you can enjoy a good plate of this food.
  • The spicy will not produce any risk for your baby, but if you are prone to heartburn during pregnancy you will have a really bad time …

What else should you avoid eating during pregnancy?

Caffeine in pregnancy

  • Some research maintains that excess caffeine (more than two or three cups of coffee a day) increases the risk of miscarriage , premature labor and low birth weight.
  • To minimize these risks, it is advisable to limit consumption. Most experts agree that a small cup of coffee or soda a day does not increase risk. As a general rule, try to consume less than 300ml of coffee and less than 600ml of tea per day or decaffeinated drinks .
  • If you have any questions or a history of abortion or premature birth , you should consult your doctor.

Herbal tea

  • It has been shown that some medicinal herbs can have effects similar to medicines. For this reason, many doctors recommend not consuming some varieties of herbal teas during pregnancy .
  • Some research has shown that in large quantities, teas containing chamomile or hibiscus can cause complications such as premature labor . Check the label and consult your specialist before ingesting an herbal tea.

Avoid sweeteners

  • Unlike other artificial sweeteners , saccharin can cross the placenta. Although it has not been shown to have any harmful effect on baby , it is advisable to opt for healthier options.
  • If you want to use sweeteners, choose those with aspartame and sucralose and consume them in moderation.
  • Keep in mind that soft drinks contain a significant amount of sweeteners . They are best avoided.

Alcohol and pregnancy

  • There is no safe level of alcohol in pregnancy , so it is advisable to not drink anything .
  • It is harmful especially in the first trimester, which is when the brain of the fetus is in full development, but in the second and third trimesters the baby’s nervous system can also be damaged.
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome has serious physical and mental consequences for the baby .

Tobacco in pregnancy

  • It is a fact that tobacco modifies the conditions in which the baby develops. These babies tend to weigh less than babies of nonsmoking mothers and are more likely to suffer sudden death.
  • It has been shown that smoking mothers are more likely to have premature deliveries, miscarriages and complications in pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Both nicotine and carbon monoxide cause hypoxia in the fetus (the oxygen supply is reduced).
  • Other problems associated with smoking in pregnancy are: strabismus, cleft lip, hyperactivity and behavior problems.

Viscera and pregnancy:

  • organ meats are an important source of cholesterol and saturated fat . In pregnancy you should especially avoid them, since they contain a lot of vitamin A (especially the liver).We have reserves of vitamin A, since it is stored in the liver and fat tissue, so we have to try not to abuse of this vitamin in pregnancy (also be careful with vitamin supplements ).
  • An excess of vitamin A can cause miscarriages, malformations of the face and skull, alterations of the nervous system and of the thymus and cardiac anomalies.

What else can we do during pregnancy?

  • Wash your hands whenever we are going to cook and after having touched raw food.
  • Maintain good hygiene of kitchen boards, rags and cloths as they are a source of infection.
  • Refrigerate or freeze food after purchase as soon as possible.
  • Never leave food for more than 2h without refrigeration .

Remember, pregnancy is an act of sharing, and more on the subject of nutrition. You cannot control the genes, but you can control what you eat or drink during the 9 months in which your baby is forming, a large part of his physical and mental development will depend on that, hence the importance of diet during pregnancy.

Sílvia Child Nutritionist

I am a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, specialized in Nutrition and Obesity and Child and Adolescent Nutrition. My experience as a nutritionist and mother of 2 children allows me to advise you on Little Recipes.

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Thank you so much for this post, I am thinking of getting pregnant and I did not know many of the things you have told us, you are like a guardian angel.

Aspartame. But it is carcinogenic. Please, inform you well before publishing something like this

Hi Ana,
The sweetener that MAY be carcinogenic is Saccharin. Although the studies have only been carried out in rats and they have been given an amount of sweetener unthinkable in humans.
Aspartame is metabolized into 3 substances (methanol, phenylalanine and asparagine) that are effectively toxic. These substances are naturally in many foods. For example, a glass of milk contains 6 times more phenylalanine and 12 times more asparagine than a glass of an Aspartame drink. A glass of orange juice contains the same methanol as a glass of Aspartame drink. (Aspartame is the sweetener used in diet and sugar-free soft drinks).
ALL sweeteners sold in our country have been authorized by the “National Food Code” and therefore are suitable and safe for human consumption.
What is clear is that any ABUSE of any product is harmful to health. But it should not cause alarm, as there is no scientific evidence.

Meg and Jana,
Thank you for your words. I love helping you! A hug.

Aspartame is poisonous and has many dangers during pregnancy if you want to make an option, panela or whole cane sugar is the best option.informate

In Paraguay the sweetener ka & # 8217; a he & # 8217; ẽ (stevia or green sugar) is consumed, scientifically proven that it is not toxic, especially for pregnant women and diabetics .. Its taste is very pleasant and as if outside that sugar.
See information at this link: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevia_rebaudiana.
The product is exported in several countries.

Yes, we must avoid salmonerosis and boil everything very well, there is little left for me …

Girls, I’m 20 weeks old, and I eat at my work comedro every day. I have not tried the lettuce, nor the tomato, I am very strict with these things that I have read. But I didn’t know that I should avoid soy. I like to eat vegetables, I try to make salads of almost everything except lettuce or tomato outside the home, because of the washing, but I have eaten soybeans. I was worried when reading about the sprouts & # 8230; & # 8230 ;.

Hello Teresa,
The problem of sprouts is the same as that of lettuce and all the raw vegetables you eat. Good hygiene is necessary as you may be infected with E-Coli.

Excuse me, but I am two months pregnant and yesterday I had salmon ceviche and when I had already eaten they told me that I could not, I am afraid of contracting that bacteria, and I am more afraid of the baby I am waiting for, since it is Something important, what are the chances that it affects me or rather affects my baby please help me, thanks in advance

Hello Silvia, a question! can my wife eat carbonara sauce while pregnant? the one they sell in the supermarket (Lidl)

thanks for the tips

Hi Maiki,
Yes, no problem!

Hello! Silvia.It is the first time that I give my comment. I am 21 weeks old and I wanted to ask a couple of questions, as all pregnant girls worry about not eating everything, Silvia knows, the pudding that you eat outside the home can be dangerous, when carrying raw egg, and breakfast every day a couple of juice oranges can you give me sugar because it is so sweet?

hello good afternoon, I am in my 14th week of pregnancy and I would like to know if I can consume light jelly. thank you

Hello .. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I would like to know if I can drink coconut water? It is that they told me that if I drink it can cause abortion ..

Hello I would like to have if you solve a question tomorrow I have a family reunion and as always I go to make a cake that is always made in my family for these occasions the cake is made of cookies milk colacao mamtequilla egg yolk and it takes a little muscat and brandy I’m 16 weeks pregnant, can I have some cake? And another question, if ever by this I mean 2 or 3 times throughout the pregnancy you go out for a drink with friends, would something happen to have a beer? I hope an answer as soon as possible, thank you very much

Hello, thank you very much, this is too interesting since my mother is in her second pregnancy and needs these indications but I would like to know if the PANELA harms her in something I would appreciate the answer as soon as possible GREETINGS & # 8230; & # 8230 ;.

Thank you very important for this information for us pregnant women

greetings !! and congratulations on your bb !!

Hi, I just made a tiramisu for my husband’s birthday. I have frozen it and was planning to try it after defrosting it but now I’m not sure that while pregnant I can eat it. In the blog you comment that the egg can only be eaten cooked, but what if it freezes? Can you also avoid salmonella or any other disease?
Thank you

I’m 6 weeks old and it has been very useful. Thank you very much

Hello tonight I have eaten a tomato and I forgot to wash it I thought I had washed it I am 22 weeks old and I am a little worried but I have split it with a little turkey in a sandwich, I mean that I did not I have eaten the skin thank you I am a little worried

hello answer me as quickly as possible I’m a little worried thank you I hope nothing happens to my child thankssssssssssssss

hello excuse a question & # 8230; Well, first of all, the opportunity you give to express our concerns seems very good to me & # 8230; & # 8230; & # 8230; & # 8230; .. please look at me and I have been liquefying the raw liver & # 8230 ;. about 2 times a week I liquefy it are blackberry & # 8230; .. you think I was wrong & # 8230 ;. I must leave it & # 8230; .. please answer

Thanks for the advice, you know I just found out that I am pregnant for a month and a half but it turns out that I have eaten pure crap and I do not know if I have time to remedy everything and I love chili paste that is very bad.

hello, reading her comments what I can advise you is to ask your doctor everything, as he says dr. google is wrong. This page gives us very important basic tips to take care of ourselves pregnant, however, each case is special and you should discuss it with your doctor who will know if you should have an exam or not. This is my second pregnancy, I am already 25 weeks old and I eat as healthy as possible, vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates. I take care that everything is very clean, the vegetables must be washed with water and vinegar to disinfect them, we must be careful with what we eat on the street. Simply take care of ourselves by following our hygiene and kitchen cleanliness logic. I leave you an anecdote so that you can see that each body is different, my glucose test gave below the value, I was concerned because I read that pregnant women in the third trimester develop a type of anemia and should take more iron. My doctor explained to me that because of my other exams, build, etc, everything was fine that I only had to take my vitamins. My reasoning each case is different. Enjoy your pregnancy, take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise.

Hi, I’m 19 + 3. I have already had 4 admissions: excessive weight loss due to diarrhea, acute appendicitis, kidney colic and shortening of the neck of the uterus. In an echo it was 19 mm because it was giving me a contraction; the next day it was 25 mm and today I have 30 mm. The gynecologist told me that I should be in relative rest, without sitting down and only walking 10 & # 8242; up to date. So all the missing months. Is it normal for the measurement of the cervix to vary so much? What could it be due to? What other tips could you give me? And another question: I have hypothyroidism perfectly controlled with euthyrox. On the other hand, I usually eat a lot of sugar (chocolate cookies, chocolates, candy sometimes & # 8230;); these two factors can make you prone to gestational diabetes?Nor do I spend the day eating sweets and my diet is very varied in fruit, vegetables, meat, fish & # 8230; And third question: is it dangerous to eat fried eggs? I haven’t had toxoplasmosis. Thank you very much.

thank you I have too many doubts about my pregnancy even though it is not the first but I am 9 weeks old and I am threatened with an abortion and that scares me I want everything to go well with my baby what should I do I try to do the same as in my first pregnancy so that everything goes well, but nothing does not work & # 8230; & # 8230;

Very good information, really.
Thank you very much, there were doubts about the types of fish and thanks to this page they are clear 🙂

Hello, I am 6 weeks pregnant and it is my first time, the truth is that I have had a lot of vomiting and dizziness, it does not cause me to eat anything and I feel very down, in addition to this I have the Helicobacter pylori bacteria I am already going for the 4th treatment but it cannot be eliminated just when the 4th treatment is finished I found out that I was pregnant at 4 weeks… could the antibiotics influence the pregnancy? Do you know of any natural remedy that I can take to eradicate it? The acidity is tremendous. Many times it seems like a blowtorch on a good stomach. The raw potato helped me a little, but I still go to the bathroom a lot with the effects of the bacteria. Thanks for your help …

hello. I have a question I am 18 weeks pregnant and I did not know how much I can eat or not since I have a visa for work yesterday for my lunch he prepares me tuna with salad at around 2 pm and at 9 at night I ate a sandwich of ham and cheese with romanita and a glass of milk I woke up around 11:30 pm and I felt that I wanted to take out my food and a sour taste came to me. My question is to know if it is bad to eat tuna and after 6 hours to drink milk? thinking that that hurt me can you give me some advice about this & # 8230;

hello & # 8230; I am 16 weeks pregnant and I would like to know how many times I should eat to feed my baby. and at what fixed hours. thank you & # 8230;

Hello, I am 20 weeks pregnant and I really like Maracuya, but they say that it is harmful, could you help me with this issue? Thank you

Well, I WITH ALL RESPECT & # 8230; stop reading.when I went for the fish because in.first the only thing I was doing was worrying about something k in the end it is not so serious. Eat EAT EVERYTHING K LEAVE IT NOTHING IS BAD ONLY COFFEE AND SODAS WITH CAFFEINE & # 8230; 😀 I will give you everything you ask for, jiji. There are women who take extra care and even so things happen DON’T BE SO (EXSAJERED) & # 8230;

There is no need to expose your baby to silly eating healthy and clean for him and for you nine months and that’s it! If you doubt the sweeteners, use sugar and honey or try things without sugar little by little 🙂

I am five weeks old, I would like to know until how long the sweetmeats are gone, those sweetmeats are horrible and my palate is bitter

Hello, I am 18 weeks pregnant and I love passion fruit but they tell me that it is harmful, could you please help me with that?

Hello, I just found out that I am pregnant, I would like to know can I eat Caesar sauce from the Calve brand, smoked salmon and canned tuna

You can take salt enjoy for heartburn in pregnancy.

hello I am 5 weeks pregnant and sometimes I feel a lot of pain that I can do to avoid the pain

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I wanted to know how much damage drinking soda does. I do not usually drink a maximum of 2 glasses a day but I am afraid that it could harm my baby

I appreciate your response

Hello, I am 27 weeks pregnant and sometimes I feel like drinking soda, I do it about twice a month in very small amounts, it is harmful, I ask and I also love how sweet I drink honey, they tell me about it.


Hello I am 4 and a half months old, I feel a lot of bitter taste in my mouth after eating, is it normal?

Hello, I have several doubts, the main one is that I have a lot of pain in the gut and they don’t find out what it is, the fetus is fine and I am 7 weeks old but I have been like this for more than a month. The other thing is if I can eat sausages cooked and reheated in the microwave and if I can eat for example a pork tenderloin. Thank you. Greetings

Xd, hi, I’m vanesa, I’m seeing a lot of atrocities xd! Inform them well some and do not scare so much I am 22 weeks pregnant is the second pregnancy, in the first I gain 30 kg! I ate everything. I never took anything, and my girl is very healthy, thank God, and now they tell you not to know this, do not do the other thing and you become bitter at 9 months, it is crazy, least of all going to spas, spas, smoking and drinking ago and like you everything. And everything is going well, enjoy and be happy, a kiss.

how to know if a baby is healthy in pregnancy

Hello, I am 5 weeks pregnant and I would like to know if it is bad to eat lemon, what happens is that I have been given x to eat everything with lemon, I do not eat without it and, I would like to know if I am doing wrong if I should to continue eating lemon or not, thank you for your answer 🙂

It is clear that they take a thousand things from you to heal in health just in case. But oh my! It would be easier if they tell us that we can eat it, because it seems that we are sick and we cannot eat anything.

Hello. I am 15 weeks from my second baby. And when I read these notes I get exasperated, because I was a newcomer and I was obsessed with doing everything wrong. Katherine I ate lemon (it’s vitamin C that helps your child build bones and teeth). In the first one I went crazier and learned a lot. What can I suggest. NOTHING alcohol, caffeinated drinks 2 GLASSES OF COCA A DAY or 2 CUPS OF COFFEE, all meats always well cooked, tobacco NOTHING, seafood and sausages better not (nobody dies for not eating them for 9 months) and medication NONE just AG factor (SIMETICONE , which is not absorbed by the placenta) if they have gas. Nothing more. If the pregnancy is good (no spotting, bleeding or strange pain), sleep, eat, walk, make love “delicately” with your husbands and enjoy the pregnancy without letting your head fill with fear. In Africa thousands of healthy children are born each year to malnourished and sick mothers. Nature is wise, you just have to feed yourself and live your pregnancy with conscience and taking the normal care of the case. Good luck moms.

Hello. I am 15 weeks from my second baby. And when I read these notes I get exasperated, because I was a newcomer and I was obsessed with doing everything wrong. Katherine I ate lemon (it’s vitamin C that helps your child build bones and teeth). In the first one I went crazier and learned a lot. What can I suggest. NOTHING alcohol, caffeinated drinks 2 GLASSES OF COCA A DAY or 2 CUPS OF COFFEE, all meats always well cooked, tobacco NOTHING, seafood and sausages better not (nobody dies for not eating them for 9 months) and medication NONE just AG factor (SIMETICONE , which is not absorbed by the placenta) if they have gas. Nothing more. If the pregnancy is good (no spotting, bleeding or strange pain), sleep, eat, walk, make love “delicately” with your husbands and enjoy the pregnancy without letting your head fill with fear. In Africa thousands of healthy children are born each year to malnourished and sick mothers. Nature is wise, you just have to feed yourself and live your pregnancy with conscience and taking the normal care of the case. Good luck moms.

very cool all of the things that we should and should not eat my question is is it dangerous to suck lemon with SALT IN PREGNANCY HELP ME WITH THIS DOUBT FOR FIS

Dear: I am 6 weeks pregnant, I have had 6 missed abortions this my seventh pregnancy, I am 40 years old and I am very hopeful with this pregnancy, the doctor gave me 200mg progendo and these days he has given me a very severe allergy, I’m scared, it may be that the excess of walnuts has caused this allergy. Thank you very much, I await your answer.

Hello, I want to know if I can take panela with lemon for a sore throat

Hello, my name is Rocio because I am very sorry since I am a month and a half pregnant and I did not know it until recently but I do not worry because I consumed alcoholic beverages and dyed my hair and that worries me, you think that my baby may have a health problem and he also consumed a lot of lemon with salt

I would like to know if it is bad to consume a lot of lemon I love it, I appreciate your answer

I’m 38 weeks old and after reading this, come on, I don’t know what to think, that my son is going to hurt, because I’ve even read that orange juice is bad & # 8230;
What I don’t understand is how our mothers survived, when our grandmothers ate chorizo, eggs, cheese, fish & # 8230; and the one who ate it, who even had food deficiencies in more than one.
I don’t think it’s good to feed people with such fear.
Greetings and thanks

Hi, I’m Lorena, I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I love eating mango with salt, I would like to know if it hurts my bb

Aspartame is poisonous, carcinogenic, damages many organs, the brain, the thyroid, etc. And it is forbidden in European countries do not consume it and less if you are pregnant. The nutritionist screwed up very ugly there.

Hi, I’m 25 weeks old and my legs are very swollen, they gave me a juice recipe to reduce the swelling. They are ginger, celery, parsley, pineapple, a glass of water. Please check if any is bad for the baby. Thank you

I have been told that the sauce or the spicy makes the babies born with little pimples on the pompitas that later burns a lot. This is true? I am 25 weeks pregnant

ALL ARE BAD because they are abortifacient.

Hello, I am 2 months pregnant and about two weeks ago I ate sausages, it could have caused me harm

Hi Carla, I’m 15 weeks old and I love your message. I am very afraid but it is usually caused by reading nonsense on the internet!
My pregnancy, thank God, is 10
Thank you, thank you for your comment

I love your comment, it is true take care a lot but reading so many things on the internet only psyches you.

Hello, good morning! I am in my sixth week of pregnancy and I have eaten two servings of Grouper, even though it was only two servings, could it have affected the fetus? Please I would like to clarify this question, I am very worried. Thank you

I want to know if I can drink pipe water during my pregnancy I am 21 weeks and 4 days old

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I can eat ripe bananas, I’m pregnant and I would like to know that it would harm me & # 8230; aah and I also want to know if I can eat lemongrass.

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