Can We Eat Mushroom During Early Pregnancy

If you’re currently pregnant and you actually are curious about the thought: can we eat mushroom during early pregnancy. You can find lots of beneficial facts on this topic, as well as tips, assistance, thoughts, and answers to be able to questions concerning pregnant state, correct nutrition and eating plans.

In pregnancy, intimate hygiene (genital region and anus) must be carried out carefully. Vaginal irrigations are discouraged.

can we eat mushroom during early pregnancy The nipples and areolas must be washed carefully and can be treated with some products that the doctor will prescribe. It is advisable to expose the breasts to the sun: it cures the nipple and promotes blood supply.

Cleaning of the mouth must be regular, in the morning and at night. At least once during pregnancy it is advisable to visit the dentist.

Although it is sometimes impossible to prevent skin stretch marks, the doctor may prescribe a cream to try to avoid them.

With regard to hair, you must renounce crepe, tight curlers and hairspray. The dryer should be set to the lowest possible temperature.

can we eat mushroom during early pregnancy guide If variations in visual acuity are observed, the eye doctor should be consulted. Avoid putting contact lenses in for the first time during pregnancy.

The clothing is recommended to be loose and comfortable, it should be supported on the shoulders, and not compress the body, especially the breasts, waist and abdomen. The bras must be adapted to the increase in breast volume (there are special models). On the other hand, it is not necessary to wear a girdle during pregnancy, and garters and corsets are harmful, which can interfere with the venous return of the lower part of the body and, therefore, worsen varicose veins of the legs or vulvars, as well as hemorrhoids.

It is advisable to wear shoes that are low and comfortable (do not use shoes with heels that exceed 5 cm in height).

Regarding tobacco, although less than ten cigarettes a day is considered low consumption, smoking should be medically discouraged before, during and after pregnancy. It is not justified to put the anxiety caused by quitting smoking before continuing to smoke.

The children of smoking mothers can have a reduction in fetal weight of between 100-250 grams. This weight, which for an adult has no significance, in the fetus involves a reduction of 5-10%. The size is reduced by more or less one centimeter on average. The number of cigarettes that produces this effect is not well established.

If the pregnancy is normal, there is no contraindication to continue having sexual intercourse in the usual way and frequency, up to 4 weeks before the probable date of delivery, although in the first trimester they should be completely avoided if there is a threat of abortion or history of habitual abortions.

As the abdomen increases, new front-to-back laterality positions should be adopted during intercourse, to promote comfort and avoid compression on the abdomen.

However, there are certain circumstances that contraindicate sexual activity during pregnancy:

  • Premature bag rupture.
  • Genital bleeding at any time during pregnancy.
  • If there is a genital infection.
  • Threat of premature labor, cervical incompetence.
  • Hypertensive disease of pregnancy.
  • Whenever the gynecologist advises against it.


Adequate nutrition during pregnancy is essential for the health of the mother and the child. So harmful for the child is that the mother gains too much weight, such as that she gains weight insufficiently.

There is no ideal weight, but the weight should be monitored and especially carrying adequate nutrition for the fetus and for the mother. It must be remembered that you do not eat for two but for two.

The customs of each pregnant woman must be respected, but it is preferable to distribute the food in 5 daily meals: breakfast (20 %), lunch (10%), lunch (30%), snack (10%) and dinner (30%).

Weight gain, at the end of pregnancy, should range between 9 and 12 kilos when starting from the ideal weight of the mother. A weight gain of less than 5 kilos can, but not always, affect the normal development of the fetus. A weight gain above 14-16 kilos can lead to problems such as the onset of diabetes and / or slow dilation during childbirth.

Although during pregnancy the weight gain should be progressive, in the first weeks the weight gain may be insignificant, and you can even lose a little weight (1-2 kilos) due to digestive problems that sometimes occur present, such as nausea and vomiting. This initial weight loss should not be a cause for concern as it recovers in the following weeks. It can also happen, and it is normal, that the increase is faster at the beginning and slower at the end.

The diet of a pregnant woman must be calorically sufficient (2,300-3,000 calories a day) and provided in the different immediate principles:

  • 15% protein.
  • 50% carbohydrates (sugars).
  • 30% fat.

The immediate principles are the basic components of food; along with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This means that you should increase your daily protein intake (meat, fish, etc.) and take in the same amount of fats and sugars as before pregnancy. It is advisable to increase the intake of vegetables and whole grains, to avoid constipation, common during pregnancy.

Water is essential. It is important to increase your intake of water, as it helps to eliminate waste through the kidneys, relieve constipation and stay healthy. You can drink water without restrictions, unless the doctor indicates otherwise. An intake of two liters per day is recommended, which can be increased in situations of hot environments or a lot of exercise.

However, carbonated or carbonated mineral waters are not highly recommended since gas in the intestinal chamber can cause a lot of discomfort, both to the mother and the fetus, since it occupies space in the mother’s womb. < / p>

In principle, no food should be restricted. However, pregnant women who are not immunized for toxoplasmosis are recommended not to eat raw meat (fillet of tartar or meat carpaccio), or raw sausages. They can eat York ham, sobrasada, cooked sausages, etc. Also in all cases it is advisable to avoid eating Brie-type cheeses, due to the risk of listeriosis.

In general, if a Mediterranean diet is followed, there are usually no food deficiencies during pregnancy unless there are eating disorders or weight loss diets are followed. However, it has been proven that normally in our diet the energy obtained from carbohydrates represents less than 50% of the calories obtained, which would be recommended.

During pregnancy, the sense of smell and taste increases, in such a way that it is possible to catch “mania” for some foods, coffee and even tobacco. On the contrary, “cravings” appear, which exist but the cause of which is not known. On some occasions, pregnant women want to eat non-edible products, for example earth (clay). If these trends occur, the doctor should be contacted.

Diet advice

As an example, a typical menu for a pregnant woman for 24 hours, applicable to a woman with an adequate weight for her height at the time of getting pregnant, would be:

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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