Craving Fresh Orange Juice In Pregnancy

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One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is the sensation of cravings, especially those related to flavors. So if you wonder why you have so many cravings during pregnancy, the answer is simple: it is completely normal, especially when it comes to food. Sweet during pregnancy, for example, is one of our body’s weaknesses.

craving fresh orange juice in pregnancy Now, why are these cravings? Should we listen to them? Are they good for pregnancy? In this article we will explain everything you need to know about cravings during pregnancy .

Why do I have cravings when I’m pregnant?

The reason for cravings during pregnancy has two possible explanations according to experts. Some associate cravings with the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and that have a very large impact on two of the senses, taste and smell. Other specialists, on the other hand, think that cravings during pregnancy arise to compensate for a nutritional need , that is, that the body is demanding those nutrients that it thinks it lacks.

A deficiency of vitamin B, for example, could justify the desire to drink chocolate at all hours. The lack of beta-carotene would signal a craving for peaches (and not just the sweetness of the fruit) and the need for protein could be related to the desire to eat meat.

Of course, not all specialists think the same. Others consider that the fact of having cravings during pregnancy has its justification on a psychological level. On the one hand, they defend that cravings could be the expression of some of the feelings that women experience during pregnancy, such as fear or uncertainty. On the other hand, they think that they could be related to a more cultural issue, in which pregnant women unconsciously feel cravings because it is common in this period.

It is normal to feel cravings during pregnancy

craving fresh orange juice in pregnancy guide Although not all women who get pregnant have cravings, we could say that it is completely normal to feel cravings during pregnancy . Of course, the fact of having cravings does not mean that you have to satisfy them all at all times. You always have to try to control them as much as possible and carry out a healthy and balanced diet, so if you fancy a sweet, for example, you can eat one but not abuse this type of food.

Keep in mind that during your daily life and especially in pregnancy you have to take care of your diet and offer your baby the nutrients it needs for proper development. Also, if the cravings may be due to possible nutritional deficiencies, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

Why do I want candy so much in pregnancy?

Feeling weak for the sweetest foods in the gestation period is much more common than you think, since it occurs very frequently. But why does it happen? The answer is simple and it is that during pregnancy you tend to have many drops in blood glucose after several hours without eating. It is in those moments when the body asks for something sweet to raise blood glucose .

Should I eat candy or chocolate during pregnancy?

Eating sweets at all times is not recommended as they have many calories and few nutrients. Eating a lot of sweet foods can lead to unnecessary weight gain and a rebound effect, that is, instead of having low blood glucose peaks you can have high peaks that can lead to complications in pregnancy.

If you have a lot of sweet cravings fruit will be your best ally , since not only will it give you that glycemic index you need, but it will also provide you with other benefits that sweets, such as chocolate, cannot offer you. Always keep in mind that everything you eat will be taken by the baby, so it is advisable to maintain a healthy and balanced diet throughout the pregnancy. That one day you fancy something sweeter with chocolate? You can take it, but always in moderation and better if it is black, and with a low amount of fat and sugar.

Is it true that pregnancy cravings will stain?

Surely on some occasion you have heard that if you do not take what you have craved in pregnancy, the baby will be born with a spot. However, this is not true. We know them as ‘cravings’ these birthmarks are actually angiomas .

Angiomas are non-cancerous tumors that form due to an abnormal collection of blood vessels.Although not all of them are formed before birth, it is common for them to develop while in the womb, hence the association with ‘cravings’.

How my diet affects the development of the baby

During pregnancy and even during breastfeeding it is important to maintain a very balanced and healthy diet, since it is essential to ensure the good development of the little one within belly. Cravings should not compromise good nutrition, and, as we have said, it does not matter that one day you have an ounce of chocolate or a sweet, but it should not be something usual.

“I’m pregnant and I want candy” should not be an excuse to neglect eating.

Frequently asked questions about cravings in pregnancy

Cravings are part of pregnancy. Doctors think that cravings may be the result of hormonal changes that can intensify the sense of smell and alter the perception of taste.

Does anyone have a craving for chips and chocolate?

Not exactly. But most pregnant women report that they are craving unusual combinations. Usually things like candy, fruits, fruit juices, salty or spicy foods, tasteless and crunchy or soggy.

Why can’t I bear to see my favorite foods now?

Hormonal changes can also change your perception of smell and taste, which can lead to food aversions. If you develop an aversion to a healthy food, try substituting it for one that has the same nutrients.

Why is my sense of smell suddenly heightened?

Hormones can cause strong smells, like fresh coffee or perfumes, to bother you more now or even make you nauseous.

Is there a way to treat cravings?

If your cravings keep you hungry, you can start eating less, more often. Consume adequate amounts of water and foods rich in fiber, this will help you feel full. It’s extremely important that you don’t skip breakfast, as it can lead to more intense cravings throughout the day.

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Important Warning : Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies. The pediatrician is the one who can best advise you on the care and feeding of your child, and on the foods that you should add to the diet as he grows.

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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