Diet During Second Month Of Pregnancy

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Two months pregnant! I can’t wait to announce it to everyone, but the most important thing is taking care of my future baby. What should I eat? What is the ideal snack?

diet during second month of pregnancy Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

You have been without your period for between 7 and 10 weeks, that is, between 5 and 8 weeks of pregnancy. Your second month of pregnancy ! You probably have a ton of questions РNestlé solves them for you!

Are you curious to know how the baby is developing? His face begins to shape and define itself; eyes, ears, nose and mouth appear. Then the tongue and even. A sketch of the teeth! The head is more and more shaped, measuring more than twice the volume of its body. The second month of pregnancy is a key phase in the development of the senses; From the end of the seventh week, the optic nerves are already capable of capturing variations in brightness. All the organs have formed, but some are still tiny and some are huge. The brain and the lung and digestive systems evolve at great speed. The heart, on the other hand, has acquired so much volume that it forms a small protrusion at the level of the belly and the liver takes up a lot of space. The spinal column is formed, the arms and legs are lengthened, the elbows appear, the fingers and toes are differentiated. He is already a miniature human being! Also, the baby’s muscles begin to move involuntarily. On the first ultrasound, which is usually done between the 9th and 11th weeks of pregnancy, these movements will be clearly visible! However, you still have to wait a bit to feel them.

What to eat in the second month of pregnancy?

diet during second month of pregnancy guide In this phase of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning, can be common. if this is your case, discuss it with the doctor. To alleviate symptoms, avoid foods that are too high in fat, break up your meals, and allow yourself a snack or two between your three main meals. These repeated vomiting can lead to slight weight loss. You don’t have to worry if all of this happens in moderation. Otherwise, discuss it with a doctor.

To avoid fatigue and the discomfort associated with this feeling of dizziness, don’t skip breakfast. If not, prepare for hunger pangs and lows throughout the morning! Now more than ever, your best ally will be a varied and balanced diet . Above all, try to consume enough carbohydrates (bread, starches such as potatoes, cereals, legumes.), Which will provide you with energy.

Don’t forget to hydrate well by drinking at least 1.5 l of water a day (and even more in summer!). In reality, water is an essential component of your blood. Its volume will increase a lot during pregnancy to guarantee exchanges between the fetus and the placenta; exchanges that serve to nurture the baby. Water also serves to ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys, through which waste from both the mother and the baby are eliminated. Say goodbye to alcohol and excessively sugary sodas, and limit consumption of beverages that contain caffeine, such as coffee and tea.

The question of my second month of pregnancy: what is the ideal snack?

At this stage of pregnancy, the ideal snack consists of a dairy product, a cereal product, and a mild coffee or infusion. You can also add a fruit. Do you want an example? Have an apple, a slice of whole wheat bread and a tea with milk. Or maybe you want more a complete homemade preparation of fresh cheese, diced red fruits and crumbled biscuit, accompanied by an infusion. If you like salty more, you can have a slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of ham and / or cheese accompanied by an infusion or a mild coffee. Resist the pastries and other products that are too fatty and sweet. Snacks can also help you balance your diet and incorporate the missing nutrients: a portion of dark chocolate can help meet your magnesium needs, a tangerine will provide you with vitamin C …

Did you know that at the end of this second month of pregnancy, the baby’s fingers and toes have already reached their final shape? In addition, it already has a human characteristic that distinguishes it from the race of monkeys (phew!): It is capable of opposing the thumb and index finger. Are you eager to see your baby? If you have not had it, the first ultrasound should be when you fall!

Sonia, 28 years old, 2 months pregnant

“The euphoria has given way to some morning sickness. Plus, my favorite jeans are starting to get tight. Grrrr!Normal, the baby is now the size of my little finger. “

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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