If you’re pregnant and you are curious about the question: how much to eat in second trimester. You will discover a lot of important facts on this particular topic, as well as tips, assistance, opinions, and answers for you to questions regarding carrying a child, suitable nutrition and diet plans.

If you are in your second trimester of pregnancy, with this balanced diet rich in calcium you can avoid nutritional deficiencies. Do you dare to try it?n = “center” valign = “middle”> Endive salad with orange
Scrambled potatoes straw with garlic and onion
Fruit < td align = "center" bgcolor = "gray" style = "color: # 000000; font-weight: bold; border-color: #ffffff" valign = "middle"> TUESDAY Hatillo of kale stuffed with vegetables with almond sauce
Chicken coated with oat flakes with sautéed chickpeas
Fruit Couscous with veggie crudités
Pickled sardines with sautéed cherry tomatoes
Fruit WEDNESDAY Chickpea salad with old-fashioned mustard vinaigrette
Baked tuna dumplings with Tudela buds
Fruit Soup rosemary-scented rice
Chard s spicy with poached egg
Bread with tomato
Fruit THURSDAY Fresh spinach salad with mango
Yogurt Sautéed whole grain macaroni
Baked sea bass with vegetables

< tr>

FRIDAY Red lentil cream
Beef stew with rice, apple and curry
Fruit Pasta salad with watercress, tuna crumbs, spring onion, capers and pickles
Hake in papillote with a base of poor potatoes
Fruit SATURDAY Tomato soup with mozzarella and basil cubes
Spiral lemon chicken drumsticks of vegetables
Fruit Scalibada
Potato, pepper and onion omelette
Fruit SUNDAY Baked vegetables with Provencal herbs
Mixed paella
Ricotta quenelle on almond tile with honey and rosemary infusion Tomato stuffed with salad (commercial mayonnaise)
Grilled tenderloin booklets (with cooked ham) with leek chips and sliced ​​natural tomato

how much to eat in second trimester Here we show you different combinations of supplements of a balanced diet for pregnant women in their second trimester:

Breakfast Average Morning Snack Before going to bed
1 serving of dairy (*)
+ < br /> 1 fruit
1 piece of fruit
1 Serving of dairy (*)
Farinaceous or nuts
1 glass of milk

(*) 1 Serving of dairy is equivalent to:

  • 1 glass of milk
  • 2 yogurts
  • 100g of fresh cheese
  • 40g of semi cheese
  • 100ml fermented milk

Examples of breakfasts with foods rich in calcium:

how much to eat in second trimester guide with foods rich in calcium:

  • Glass of milk with whole wheat toast with oil and natural tomato + natural orange juice
  • Yogurt with milk and oat flakes with cinnamon and banana
  • Glass of milk with cereal bread sandwich, cooked ham and oil + strawberries
  • Yogurt with milk, muesli and kiwi
  • Glass of milk with rusks, spread cheese and unsweetened jam + mandarin juice
  • Yogurt with milk and whole grains + pear compote
  • Glass of milk with rye bread, natural tomato, avocado and oil + grapefruit and orange juice

Some mid-morning examples:

  • Macedonia with rolled oats
  • Yogurt with apple
  • Liquid yogurt with rusks

Some examples of snacks:

  • Yogurt with walnuts
  • Milk with cookies
  • Fresh cheese with hazelnuts

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Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.

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