Is Hibiscus Juice Safe During Pregnancy

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The objective of this study was to verify whether the maternal consumption of aqueous extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa (HS) during lactation has an effect on postnatal growth and puberty of female offspring. Eighteen virgin Sprague-Dawley rats, weighing 125 +/- 5.5g (mean +/- SEM) and with two consecutive daily heat periods of 4 days, were randomly assigned to one of the three groups of six rats. During lactation, one group received tap water (Control), another 0.6g / 100ml and the third group 1.8g / 100ml in their drinking water (21 days). The results showed that the consumption of HS during lactation reduced the maternal intake of liquids and food, increased postnatal weight gain and delayed the onset of puberty in female pups significantly (P 0.05).

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is hibiscus juice safe during pregnancy The hibiscus is a beautiful flower with which you can prepare a delicious tea. which can also be used as a wellness tonic. Hibiscus has been used to treat everything from nervous diseases to the common cold in herbal medicine. Some of the health benefits of this vivid tea have been verified by meta-analysis and randomized trials.
The hibiscus is a flowering plant in the Malvaceae family, which also includes hundreds of species of mallow. Hibiscus is grown in more than 200 different species around the world, from the United States to Asia and Africa. Hibiscus varieties include perennials, shrubs, and small trees as well. as annual tropical hibiscus plants. Hibiscus sabdariffa and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis are two of the most widely cultivated hibiscus plants.
Most hardy hibiscus prefer tropical and subtropical habitats. They do best in full sun (ideally around 6 hours of sunlight) and in moist soil. The hibiscus plant has been associated with tropical vacation destinations such as the Hawaiian Islands and Florida.

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Many pregnant women resist caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and unnecessary drugs, but they drink cup after cup of tea. of herbs without hesitation. If this describes you, reconsider: Herbal teas are as strong as prescription drugs, and they can have the same negative side effects.
The FDA does not monitor the safety and effectiveness of herbal products in the same way that it does prescription and even over-the-counter drugs. Most ingredients in herbal teas are healthy in small doses, but some are not. Also, only a few of the herbal teas have been tested on pregnant women.
During pregnancy or while breastfeeding, herbal teas such as peppermint and thyme may be safe in small amounts on occasion. However, consuming too much tea It can be detrimental to your well-being and the health of your unborn child. Teas have a higher concentration of herbs than foods, so drinking them can be unhealthy even if consuming them is not.
This is not an exhaustive list; Always check with your doctor to see if a specific herb is safe to use during pregnancy. Keep in mind that you can continue to consume foods that contain some of these herbs, such as rosemary and sage, because the levels used in food are usually much lower than those used in tea, and therefore less potent. (Chemicals in herbs are concentrated during the tea-making process.)

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Have any of you seen something similar? I desperately need some optimism and stories with a happy ending. Or, at least, more details, since what I have found on the Internet does not offer many possibilities. It just says it can trigger this and that, but there are no real life examples of what has happened to pregnant women. Or how much you have to drink for something to happen. Those two ingredients are just two of a few in tea, which is not just tea. hibiscus or lemongrass.
To me it happened to me the same & # 128578; I took a cup of tea which made me feel better mentally as a result of my morning sickness. I think I took about 5 cups before I realized it was unhealthy, and that baby was born Term and healthy & # 128578; You will be surprised know since when the hibiscus exists. It’s a real bummer. chuckle
To me it happened to me the same & # 128578; I had a tea bedside that made me feel better mentally because of the morning waters. I think I had about 5 cups before I realized it was unhealthy, and I just had that baby. Term and secure & # 128578; you would be surprised how many years you can go without hibiscus because it is a hassle lol

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