Is Lemon Juice Healthy During Pregnancy

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Discover the errors and false beliefs that exist about the diet that future mothers should follow

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In addition to the logical excitement and joy, many mothers, especially first-time mothers, tend to experience their pregnancy with anxiety as well. This is due to the multiple doubts that arise during the gestation process , and that cause future mothers a state of stress that ends up multiplying concerns. From the moment in which the first symptoms of pregnancy are noticed , and when a subsequent pregnancy test confirms it, 9 months of gestation begin in the that there are many fears that pregnant women face, most of them related to childbirth and the health of the fetus.

Many of these doubts that arise during pregnancy are related to nutrition , a fundamental factor for the correct pregnancy process. And it is that diet plays a key role in the health and well-being of both the mother and the fetus. However, it is important to know that the diet of pregnant women is frequently a source of errors and myths . Some of them have been dismantled, but others, nevertheless, are still very present in the popular imagination. In these lines we highlight ten myths related to eating during pregnancy:

is lemon juice healthy during pregnancy guide An unsatisfied craving will leave a mark on the baby’s skin. Whatever popular culture says, the truth is that there is no study that has confirmed that an unsatisfied craving will cause a mark on the newborn’s body. In addition, you should know that although it may sometimes seem that a craving is a whim, the truth is that our body is intelligent and often demands the food it needs from us at all times. Thus, if a pregnant woman falls for chocolate, perhaps be it because your sugar level is low; If you want French fries, it might be your blood pressure that needs to go up.

It is necessary to eat for two. Another false belief. In fact, during pregnancy, women only need to increase their diet by 200-300 calories a day to meet their needs and those of the fetus. The key is in the quality of the food eaten, not in the quantity.

Weight gain does not matter. Specialists believe that it is recommended that pregnant women gain between 10 and 14 kilos. Weight gains above these kilos increase the risk of hypertension and diabetes and increase the risk of complications in childbirth.

In pregnancy there are no prohibited foods. Absolutely false. Uncooked cold cuts, raw fish, undercooked meats, and of course also alcohol should be avoided completely during pregnancy. In addition, caffeine and carbonated beverages, among others, should also be consumed in moderation.

Lemon and parsley cause abortions. Absolutely false. Abortions are caused by physiological causes, in no case by food intake. Nor by the consumption of lemons, a source of vitamin C, or parsley, which will contribute to us. small amounts of vitamins and fiber.

We must eliminate fats. Another myth that we must banish. Fats are necessary for the body and constitute one of the essential nutrients during pregnancy for the development of the fetus. Not only should a slimming diet in no case be carried out, but fat should account for around 30% of daily consumption. In any case, a distinction must be made between saturated fats (meat, dairy, cold cuts & euro;), which should be moderate, and unsaturated (olive oil, fish, nuts & euro;), important for the development of the baby.

If I am a vegetarian I have to change my diet. Although it is not the most recommended, the truth is that a vegetarian diet can also be healthy during pregnancy if your weight gain is the appropriate one and if a medical professional does not indicate possible contraindications to your pregnancy.

Better to eat without salt. Although experts recommend that everyone reduce salt intake, no one should completely eliminate the intake of this product.Neither are pregnant women, since salt is made up of chlorine and sodium, which are essential minerals for our body.

Spicy food is bad for you. If you love spicy flavors, you don’t have to avoid them. If you were not affected by any type of spicy food before pregnancy, there is no reason why it now affects your body or the baby. Yes, we recommend that you do it in moderation to avoid discomfort such as heartburn.

The baby she only takes what she needs no matter what the mother eats. Another myth about eating in pregnancy. Everything that the pregnant woman eats also ends up in the baby’s body, be it good or bad.

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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