Is Orange Juice Good For Pregnancy

When you are mothers-to-be and you care about the question: is orange juice good for pregnancy. You can find lots of beneficial info on this topic, as well as tips, assistance, experiences, and answers in order to questions related to having a baby, right nutrition and diet habits.

Due to the new needs that arise during the gestation period , it is normal for eating habits to be modified. Many doubts arise about which foods are most recommended for a pregnant woman and if there are any types that should be avoided.

is orange juice good for pregnancy Fruits are in this group of foods that, although very beneficial and nutritious, raise certain questions among pregnant women who are concerned about their eating habits . Is it good to drink orange juice during pregnancy? How many pieces of fruit is recommended to eat per day?

Are oranges recommended for a pregnant woman?

There is little doubt about the benefits of oranges, both for pregnant women and for people who are not. The orange, as a citrus fruit, is a fruit with extraordinary antioxidant power that provides enormous benefits to both mother and baby. For example, strengthening the immune system or maintaining optimal levels of vitamins A and C, essential for the proper development of the fetus.

Experts say that a pregnant woman should eat two oranges a day during the 9 months of pregnancy. And it is that two pieces of these citrus sweets contain up to 150 milligrams of vitamin C , 65% of which a pregnant woman needs to keep both her body and the baby’s body properly nourished.

Whether eaten as a mere piece of fruit or in juice by extracting the juice of the orange, a pregnant woman can obtain large doses not only of vitamin C, but also of vitamin A, magnesium, calcium and acid folic , all of them essential for the maintenance and development of the body and the immune system, avoiding the appearance of possible health problems during the nine months of gestation.

is orange juice good for pregnancy guide So yes: oranges are an excellent choice for a pregnant woman. Not only because of the large amount of vitamins and nutrients it contains, but also because of the great contribution of fiber that its intake supposes, favoring digestion and helping to combat constipation , a very common ailment among pregnant women .

On the other hand, although vitamin C plays a very important role in the development of the immune system, vitamin A is essential for the development of the baby by helping to maintain proper neurological function , allowing that the newborn also presents good eye health and his skin does not present deficiencies. It is also essential to ensure the proper development of the baby’s lungs.

It should be added that the need for vitamin A is greater during the first three months of pregnancy, so maintaining a constant intake of oranges in fruit or juice can help maintain optimal levels of vitamins and minerals < / strong> for the mother and the baby.

Advantages of ingesting orange juice during pregnancy

Leaving aside the enormous vitamin contribution of oranges, if they decide to consume them in juice, the maximum recommended values ​​for an adult person will probably be reached more than enough.

In fact, since now the baby depends on the mother’s diet, it is advisable to consume orange juice to increase the nutritional and vitamin contribution of the oranges, since to make a glass of juice will need at least three whole pieces of this citrus.

On the other hand, there is the sweet taste of orange , which in juice gains in texture and depth. The best thing is that you consume it with pulp so as not to give up the extraordinary contribution of fiber that oranges have, but if you decide to eliminate it you can also enjoy a tasty orange juice. Being a type of fruit with such a sweet juice, it can meet the mother’s need to eat foods with a high glycemic value without resorting to fatty foods or bakery products.

Disadvantages of drinking orange juice during pregnancy

Despite the fact that constipation is one of the disadvantages most associated with pregnancy, ingesting too much orange juice in short intervals of time can cause stools to be more liquid and frequent, something that is not beneficial because < strong> can cause dehydration in the most acute symptoms of diarrhea and eliminate nutrients that have not passed into the bloodstream, and this should be prevented from happening.

On the other hand, there is the question of heartburn. As a general rule, oranges for juice tend to have a fairly balanced flavor, maintaining the characteristic acid point of citrus fruits with the sweet taste of the game.However, some pieces that have not matured properly or have been harvested outside the optimal window may have altered flavors that are much more acidic , which can negatively affect digestion and cause discomfort such as heartburn or indigestion.

In addition, experts recommend slightly spacing the consumption of orange juice in time and doing it in small doses to maintain the advantages of its tremendous nutritional contribution without its excessive consumption causing inconveniences in the mother’s digestive section. For example, drinking a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning is a healthy and ideal habit. Maintained over time, it is an excellent way to maintain a high level of vitamin intake, but its excessive consumption at other times of the day can cause momentary ailments .

On the other hand, the intake of fruit juice, although healthy in general terms, eliminates the satiating effect of the fruit, something that can lead to an increase in the glycemic index if too much is ingested, which is not good for the baby. And it should not be forgotten that the fiber that is eliminated by eating all the pieces of fruit recommended for a single day not only helps the mother’s bowel movements, but also can prevent the newborn from develop celiac disease over time .

We hope you have achieved everything about: is orange juice good for pregnancy. Leave your comments and discuss your impressions and thoughts related to: is orange juice good for pregnancy. We are always available to answer all your questions regarding pregnant state, balanced eating and also diets. Stay with us!

Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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