Korean Pregnancy Diet

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Korean Pregnancy Diet

Korean diet proposes in a short time to get rid of the extra kilograms without strenuous exercise. Slender Koreankov is an example of a positive effect on the body of the men’s menu, which will return the weight to the norm to those who are too fascinated with goodies.

What do Koreans eat?

Koreans eat sharp food. Studies of Korean cuisine showed: Over the past 5 years, the residents of this country have become more spices. If we talk about what Koreans eat every day, then this is:

  • Rice enormous quantity;
  • various types of nori seaweed;
  • Many products that are quickly prepared (various soups, noodles, etc.).
  • surimi and various seafood;
  • kimchhi – sharp snack, often from Korean parties;
  • soy sauce (judging by the fact that there are many two-litre packets on the shelves, it is consumed in large volumes);

Popular Korean Diet

The Korean diet for weight loss provides a refusal of sweet, salty, yogurt and alcoholic beverages. Drink up to two liters of fluid daily.

The most popular diet:

  • Morning: A cup of water with lemon or ginger.
  • After half an hour: Eggs, greens and marinated broccoli.
  • Day: Vegetable salad with butter, steamed fish, portion of brown rice.
  • Night:vegetable, shrimp or chicken smoothie.

Korean diet for slimming legs

Korean diet for slimming feet does not cost an option. We offer the two most popular and effective diets that will help not only to gain the lightness of the legs, but also the whole body. Banana diet is stricter than Yun Hyo option, so you can choose the appropriate option according to personal preferences.

Banana diet, burns a month to 6 kilograms:

  • Breakfast:two bananas, 400 grams of water;
  • dinner: Boiled meat with vegetables;
  • dinner: Brown rice with vegetables.

Yun Yun Hyo’s diet

  • Breakfast:170 g boiled rice, bean soup; kimchi;
  • day:170 g boiled rice, crab soup, boiled beans, kimchi;
  • night:170 g boiled rice with stewed mushrooms, Kimchhi.

All dishes are low-calorie, the basis of the diet of Korean girls is fish and seafood, they put fiber with vegetables and brown rice. Complete failure of salt, sweet and drink, consume plenty of fluids. In each diet menu there is a kimchi: pickled cabbage leaves or radish with red pepper, this dish stops aging, allows you to lose weight.

Korean weight loss diet “13 days”

The most famous Korean diet for weight loss “13 days”, this course helps to establish the work of the body. After a week, the menu varies, in 8 days, fueled by a diet of the 6th day, 9th, on the fifth day, 10th, on the 4th, 11th – 3rd, 12th – 2- MU.


  1. Morning – black coffee.
  2. Day – 3 eggs, boiled cabbage with butter.
  3. Evening – tomato juice.
  1. Morning – coffee and sukharik.
  2. Day – Fish products, vegetables.
  3. Evening – Kefir and boiled meat.
  1. Morning coffee.
  2. Day – roasted pieces of zucchini.
  3. Evening – Cabbage salad, eggs, boiled meat.
  1. Breakfast – a cup of coffee.
  2. Day – raw chicken egg, boiled carrot with lean oil.
  3. Evening – Fruit.
  1. Morning – Raw carrot salad with lemon juice.
  2. Day – Fish products, a glass of unsalted juice from tomatoes.
  3. Evening – Fruit
  1. Morning – cup of coffee.
  2. Day – boiled chicken, cabbage or carrot salad.
  3. Evening – eggs, carrot salad with butter.
  1. Morning – cup of tea without sugar.
  2. Day – Fruit, lightly boiled meat.
  3. Evening – dinner from the list of other days, at your discretion.

Before delving into a particular system, consider what is a diet and what are the main causes of excess weight. If we talk about diet in general, then it is.

The main problem with which you need to fight. To avoid this, you need to choose the “right” technique, in which you do not need to read the minutes until the next meal and constantly think about food. A visual example of such a diet is a Korean diet. Currently, there is a huge amount of nutritional rations that help to cope with being overweight.

The main reasons for excess weight are simple and banal, laziness and abuse of harmful and fatty foods. Of course, we should not forget that some people have serious problems associated with hormonal background, but they are not so much, as it seems.

The essence of the technique

The methodology was developed by Korean nutritionists. The basis of the diet is the refusal of sugar and any sweeteners, alcohol (in particular, cannon beer), confectionery, salt and flour. Korean diet for weight loss is lasting 13-14 days and the result is a decrease in weight by 5 kilograms and digestive processes. It is remarkable “slim” legs and hips, as these areas most women are more problematic.

Nutritionists argue that such a system is quite complex for compliance, since the caloric content of the diet is rigidly limited. In contrast to this statement, it should be noted that the menu is very diverse and balanced. Next, consider several options for the diet of Korean girls.

Menu options

The Korean method provides two menu options. One is designed for 14 days, the other lasts 2-3 months and is gentler.


This version of weight loss is designed for 2-3 months:

  • Breakfast: ginger chips and water in which lemon juice is added..
  • snack (before lunch): 2 boiled eggs, greens and broccoli (pickled).
  • Lunch: white salad, vegetables, subject with oil and lemon juice, a small portion of brown rice or specially treated wheat (Bulgur).
  • dinner: 200 grams of boiled shrimp with the addition of acute sauce, pieces of chicken fillet (about 150 grams) and smoothie (celery + cucumber + tomato + greenery).

Important: Dairy products are banned for two weeks, but after this time, yogurt or goat’s milk can be included in the diet.


The essence is the elimination of all products containing complex carbohydrates and three meals. Duration of weight loss 14 days:

The essence is the elimination of all products containing complex carbohydrates and three meals.

  • Breakfast: Black Coffee, Sukharik;.
  • lunch: Diet is also allowed;
  • dinner: 200 grams of boiled chicken fillet or fish.

For slimming legs and hips

This diet option will help to make a slim body and legs. The method is strict, but allows you to lose up to 6 kg in 30 days. The menu for the entire weight loss gap looks like this:

The menu for the whole weight loss gap looks like this:

  • Breakfast: 2 bananas, 400 grams of water;
  • Day: Low-fat boiled meat with vegetables;
  • in the evening: rice (brown better) with vegetables.

In the intervals you can drink water in unlimited quantity.

From Yun Yun Hy

This is a gentle version of the legs and thighs. A week takes up to 3 kg of excess weight. 3 times a day, be sure to use 170 grams of boiled rice and supplement:

  • for breakfast: soup with beans; kimchi;
  • for lunch: crab soup, boiled beans, kimchi;
  • for dinner: mushroom stew, Kimchhi.

Kimchi – These are sharp, with red pepper, pickled cabbage leaves or radish. The dish speeds up the metabolism, slows down aging and contributes to the rapid discharge of excess weight.

You can use. Salt, sweet and alcohol under strict prohibition. Water in unlimited quantity.

Water in unlimited quantity.

Aidolas are called the young stars Korea. They are very watching their appearance and weight. Observe the harmony to them helps the proven menu and nutritionists. Below are 2 most popular diets.

Singer Kahi’s menu:

  • breakfast: banana, natural yogurt, coffee;
  • lunch: Cabbage soup, rice and fish;
  • dinner: 1/2 PC Sweet pepper, half boiled egg squirrel, celery or vegetables.

DIET IDOLOV “CLASY”: Three times during the day to use 2/3 cups – boiled rice, 1/3 cups of vegetables. Salt and sugar are prohibited.¬†Drinking water and green tea is allowed. Water and green tea are allowed.


There are a number of contraindications under which it is forbidden:

  1. Hypertension.
  2. Diseases of the stomach, liver, intestines and kidneys.
  3. Anorexia or bulimia.
  4. Hormonal imbalance.
  5. During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  6. Diabetes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every system has a number of advantages and disadvantages, reviews about the Korean diet argue that it is no exception. Carefully learn the information below to finally make a solution on such a diet.

  • improve the digestive processes in the body;
  • balanced diet;
  • slow weight set: after such a diet, the weight is not returned for a long time;
  • Korean diets are effective for slimming legs.
  • the total rejection of salt and sugar, in the early days of the food may seem quite tasteless;
  • not everyone can pass the diet to the end, many in the first few days are broken;
  • It’s hard to keep up with those who chose the second version of the menu, as the breakfast is quite ZUDA.

Weight loss rules

To make the result more vibrant, keep these rules in mind:

  • During each meal, drink approximately 0.2 litres of water.
  • Enjoy every meal and eaten by the piece.
  • You can use any low-fat seabed.
  • Try to use 1 l of non-carbonated water per day.
  • If you suffer from heart or blood vessel problems, eat red rice.
  • Also, the addition of physical exercises in the routine of the day will be.
  • Do not overeat.
  • It is forbidden to eat food before going to bed.
  • Dinner is best until 7 p.m.


Compliance with all the rules during a diet is still half. It is necessary to be able to properly leave the diet without harming the body and a set of dropped kilograms. In view of the fact that the diet of such a diet does not force you to starve and count the moments before the next meal, your body will not require certain substances after 14 days. The menu is quite balanced, diverse and efficient, so Korean diets are used for slimming the legs and abdomen.

However, it is necessary to remember what to lean on sweet and fried food in the early days is not worth it, as this can lead to a set of weight. Also, you should not forget about drinking balance, it must be observed both during a diet and after.

Important: You can return to the Korean diet actress in 2 to 3 months and before you start to consult with a specialist to avoid depreciation of the consequences.

Do not be afraid if you get a couple of kilograms during the exit from the diet. Wine will be the return of salt in your diet. Do not be upset about this, as this is a common phenomenon, there is no need to attach great importance to it.

If you need to lose a significant number of kilograms for a short time, the Korean weight reset system will help.

The harness of most Korean women can be envied. But this form is often achieved at the expense of strict restrictions.

If you are ready to strictly observe all the prescriptions of the Korean diet for weight loss for 13 days, the result will please you.

The essence of the technique.

Slimming is due to the decrease in daily calorie. The significant content of animal protein will accelerate the metabolism, fat reserves will be burned faster.

Slimming is due to the decrease in daily calorie.

The intestines will be gently cleaned, will begin the strengthened conclusion of slags, toxins.

The complete elimination of salt and any alcohol will ensure the elimination of excess fluid. The spices will also strengthen the metabolism.

Basic principles

You will need to consider:

  • the menu will include marine fish, seaweed, eggs, vegetables and fruits in cheese or boiled form, meat in small quantities, rice, favorite spices. People who have problems with vessels, it is necessary to prefer;
  • Forbidden sweets, cakes, alcohol, salt. You can not sweeteners. Complex carbohydrates shall be not more than 10%;
  • before eating within 20 minutes, drink a glass of non-carbonated water. The total amount of water (volume of the day) is not limited. Drink as much as I want;
  • three meals a day. I need to carefully, slowly chew. Then you will be able to be saturated with small portions, no longer feel hungry.

Advantages of the dietetic technique:.

  • efficiency, quick result;
  • improved digestion;
  • reduces the volume of the stomach;
  • the body gets plenty of vitamins and minerals;
  • improves the condition of skin, hair, nails;
  • fiber lowers blood sugar, the thrust is reduced to sweet;
  • property of the establishment, swelling;
  • output of “bad” cholesterol;
  • the person seems to be resting, dark circles diminish under the eyes;
  • increases endurance, forces appear;
  • it is not necessary to consider calories;
  • the menu is relatively inexpensive, composed of affordable products. The food is easy to cook, it will not work with you to work with you;
  • if you strictly observe the principles of diet and exit from the dietary mode, the lost weight will not come back for a long time.


The least basic are the rigid diet. We need the will power to endure it, especially the first three or four days. Also in the first days weakness is possible, fatigue.

Fruit dinners are a dubious alternative to protein, as it is better to eat carbohydrates in the first half of the day. It does not suit people who do not love or transfer spices or.

Expected Result

Depends on the initial weight. On average, losing weight drops 5-8 kg. The most significant weight loss is expected in the first 5-6 days.

Men lose weight more efficiently and faster. But it’s harder to resist the hard way.


This system belongs to the express diet.

It can not be observed more than 13 days, as the body will need more diverse products and a greater caliro.

This system is intense.What is another argument against its long compliance? After all, salt in small amounts needed by the body.

If you want to continue to lose weight throughout the Korean system, you can repeat it lasting at least a couple of months. But again to begin with, it is recommended only to those who felt good on the first try.

And it’s better to apply a gentler option, with a great daily sizer and a slightly advanced list of allowed products.

And it’s better to apply a gentler option, with a great daily sizer and a slightly advanced list of allowed products.

Restrictions and contraindications

With caution is necessary to apply a diet athletes. And people whose work is associated with severe physical exertion. Scarce diet may not be sufficient for normal activity.

The low amount of carbohydrates can affect performance. Those who have high mental loads. If you sit on this diet, increase the volume of vegetables.

It is not possible to apply a diet with:

  • intolerance to the main components of the menu;
  • eating disorders (bulimia);
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal disorders;
  • Nervous system disorders.
  • excessive overweight;
  • problems with the stomach, liver, kidneys;
  • problems with the liver, kidneys
  • children contraindicated, adolescents. With great care, you can recommend the elderly.

Before starting a diet, listen to your doctor’s opinion.

Before you start a diet, do a weekly preparatory period. Gently reduce the amount of baking, sweets, fatty and “junk food”: snacks, chips, cookies, etc.

If there is a strong hunger, make a snack. Leafy greens are suitable or tasty.

Salads refuel lemon juice or vegetable oil droplet. Fats and butter are prohibited. Balsamic vinegar is allowed on vegetables.

The same milk products take low fat. Instead of fruit, you can make a smoothie.

Those who suffer from lack of salt, can switch sharp pickled kimchi to food. These are vegetables in Korean with spices.

If the head is very spinning in the early days, it is possible to eat a teaspoon of honey as an exclusion.

Minimum sweetness

If you’re a sweet tooth, you could hardly live in Korea. After all, there is practically no chocolate! And the one you can find on the shelves, well, it’s very different from the domestic taste. Instead, Koreanka often orders sweet fruits or fruit jelly for dessert (it has low calories!). Therefore, if you are resolutely setting yourself up to lose weight, in a minimum use of sugar. Fruits are much more useful for the body.


Asians often arrange detox. A couple of times a month, for sure. After all, it takes all the toxins and slags that contribute to the growth of fat deposits. Girls completely change the diet, including shredded fruits and vegetables. For example, in the form of smoothies or fresh juices. The detox menu is better to use organic products: cucumbers, kiwi, cabbage, avocado, lettuce leaves, what you like best. After cleansing, you improve the appearance of the skin, mood, the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the body will better tolerate the load.


If you think that Koreanki slim, only thanks to their genetics, then you are deeply mistaken. They are great workaholics: residents of Asia work hard, and after work again “Work”, just in the gym! Many of them use the services of nutritionists and fitness trainers, as well as mobile applications to control their weight. Very popular since Korean clay yoga at home. On weekends, they are also not sitting on the spot: arrange bike mats with girlfriends and do not miss any opportunity to dance.

You can also include a rolling pin in the iron and follow the advice of an online instructor. It will only be necessary for the carpet and the desire to be thin!


In the Korean diet, there are many products that contain fiber. And let me eat a big and tasty steak for lunch, add vegetables: they will help the body digest heavy food faster.

What are you eating extremely rare? This is dairy products and bread. Milk in Korea made from rice and bananas (0% fat). And the usual bread and it is difficult to find at all.

Water only

Have you already drunk a lot of water for your period? Umnitsa, Koreanka, do that too. Only if in Russia at the dinner table, in addition to water, be sure to make a decanter with soda, compotes and other drinks, then in Korea, only water. Girls avoid sweet and carbonated drinks, and if you decide to have a cup of coffee, then prefer the American cold without sugar.

Spa care

Asians with great awe care about your body, in every way, balusse themselves with their wraps, masks, massages and other delights of the spa industry. Such procedures contribute to the splitting of fat cells, lead tissues in tone and normalize lymph currents, which prevents swelling.

If you want to speed up the process of shedding unnecessary kilograms, follow their lead and look at.

Korean diet for weight loss, 13 days and you become more beautiful, happier ease and delight everyone. Korean girls always differed quite a subtitle physique and innate harmony. However, is it really possible only on genetic background and the absence of predisposition to complete? How are Korean girls lose weight, what exercises are performed?

First of all, it should be understood that the hereditary fullness is a myth that successfully enjoy people who are trying to somehow justify their overweight. In most cases, only a banal food loss and excessive passion for harmful and calorie food is the cause of increased body weight.

In this regard, of course, Koreok has a more winning situation than, say, among Americans. Traditional Korean cuisine includes sufficiently low-calorie dishes. In addition, in their diet a lot of spices, spices and other components that are well affected by the process of metabolism.

In this regard, the Korean star diet has become particularly popular among the losing weights. It provides quite diet food, but it is not inferior in efficiency, not a single strict diet. Even on the contrary, it significantly advances in the context of the rough dietary courses, because it does not harm health and tends to properly balanced nutrition.

Out of the Korean diet

One of the advantages of such a variation of the Korean diet is that you will not need to limit your diet. Your menu will be quite diverse and will allow you to saturate the body with a variety of nutrients, useful fats, vitamins, minerals and microelements.

In view of such a balanced (albeit low-calorie) nutrition, special recommendations regarding your additional diet do not provide for dieting.

Special recommendations regarding your additional diet do not provide for dieting.

An essential shortage of certain substances, the body does not feel, therefore, there is no need to lean after the course to any product to fill the necessary reserves.

However, it is important to raise the calorie of the day very gradually. At least you should in the first days after the diet to deny yourself in roast and sweet. As a rule, it is a food that causes a set of weight. And after the low-calorie power system, this risk is doubled, therefore, observe the measure of any food, not even one calorie particularly.

Also continue to take care of the right drinking balance. One and a half liters of water per day should remain your norm as during a diet and after its end. In this way, it will help the body to perform its internal functions and is regularly cleansed of harmful savings.

Hopefully you have achieved all the info concerning: korean pregnancy diet. Keep your reviews and talk about your perception and viewpoints regarding: korean pregnancy diet. We are often available to answer all your questions with regards to pregnant state, balanced eating along with diets. Stay with us!

Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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