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During pregnancy , about half of future moms may suffer from constipation , but don’t worry, knowing how to handle this situation from the beginning makes it on a minor problem.

prunes during pregnancy In this vital period, unlike when you are not yet pregnant, the use of iron supplements, the decrease in fiber and fluid intake, stress or the appearance of hemorrhoids along with hormonal changes , enhance constipation.

Thus, between the third and fourth month of pregnancy , the main thing to avoid it will be to follow medical advice and take care of our nutrition , trying to consume fiber < / strong>, a lot of liquid and do not neglect exercise .


Why does pregnancy cause constipation?

During the months of gestation, bowel movements decrease, in charge of allowing their content to advance: one of the reasons is the pressure that our future baby exerts on the uterus .

prunes during pregnancy guide Another cause is the new hormonal level that our body experiences, since a hormone called progesterone causes digestion difficulties and therefore more difficulty is presented at the time of expelling the stool and, on the other hand, another hormone called motilin , responsible for stimulating the movement of the stomach and intestine, decreases.

Practical tips to alleviate the symptoms of constipation

  • Increase fiber consumption little by little, so that the digestive system adapts and certain intestinal discomforts such as flatulence or bloating are avoided. The ideal would be to consume between 25 and 30 grams of fiber daily .
  • The consumption of liquids is essential, and it can be both water and soft infusions, vegetable broths or natural juices.
  • Perform exercises such as walking or swimming for about 30 minutes, to strengthen the intestinal muscles that intervene in the defecation reflex. In addition, this exercise will help at the time of delivery.
  • Eat slowly , chew food well and have meal times.
  • It is important to create a good bowel habit , having a fixed schedule to go to the bathroom, so that the intestine is educated.

What foods are best for me if I have constipation?

All those rich in fiber will be very beneficial, finding it in foods of natural origin such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals or nuts .

It will help us to take fresh fruits with skin , without forgetting to wash them well before consuming them, and it is advisable to take at least one salad a day .

It is preferable that pasta, bread, cereals or cookies are wholegrain and not refined, since the fiber content is higher.

Can some food harm me?

As a general rule, it is convenient to put aside those that are astringent , always taking into account the tolerance of each of the future moms:

  • Artichokes, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, cucumber, radishes, onion and leeks .
  • Banana, grapefruit or quince .
  • Rice : as in the previous cases, it is also astringent and if we consume it, it should be in small quantities and accompanied by vegetables or legumes.

5 home tips to relieve constipation if I’m pregnant

  1. Take kiwi, orange juice or prunes rehydrated on an empty stomach.
  2. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach.
  3. Applesauce and prunes in the morning.
  4. Add oat bran to yogurts.
  5. Before going to bed a glass of semi-skimmed milk , as it will also help reduce acidity.

Is the use of laxatives recommended?

Following a balanced diet rich in fiber would be enough to alleviate and even eliminate the symptoms of constipation during pregnancy, but if in any case you need extra help, under trusted medical supervision , laxatives would not present a problem.

We must use them correctly and bear in mind that those containing castor oil, paraffin or saline laxatives are contraindicated .

Like all changes in this beautiful period of life, it takes time to adjust, but with a little patience and enthusiasm it will be easier for you to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. Much courage!


Amelia has a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, passionate about infant feeding and a student of Psychology from the University of Valencia. She from Pequerecetas she brings us interesting articles and tips every week to take care of pregnancy and feed our children in the healthiest way.

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Hello, I have a question, the second tip to relieve constipation in pregnancy is to drink coffee on an empty stomach. On the other hand, both my doctor and the midwife tell you not to consume caffeine during pregnancy as it can cause defects in the neural tube.

thanks, I help my mom a lot

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Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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