Raw Mushrooms During Pregnancy

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I mushrooms , against common beliefs, I am not a type of vegetable and they do not even belong to the category of vegetables, although from a nutritional point of view they are assimilated to these two categories of food. When you discover that you are in pregnancy, it is normal to wonder if you can continue to eat this or that food even during pregnancy. Here is a video with an overview of
foods to consider during pregnancy.

Nutrition and fungi in pregnancy.

raw mushrooms during pregnancy In general, during pregnancy some foods should be eaten with caution reduce the doses by half or eliminate them completely. Eating mushrooms during pregnancy deserves a separate discussion , which is why we talk about it in this article.
Mushrooms are loved by many people who love to try them in every way: in fact, they have a particular flavor that adapts well to many recipes, but unfortunately it is not always appreciated by everyone .

We have to admit that mushrooms also have many benefits , as well as low caloric and nutritional values ​​to make them healthy food . Among the main benefits we find:

  • Contains fiber useful in case of constipation in pregnancy
  • they are rich in vitamins useful for bones
  • Contains precious minerals such as potassium and phosphorus
  • they are low in calories
  • strengthen the immune system

Mushrooms in pregnancy: contraindications.

But if they have all these benefits, why? Are fungi in pregnancy bad for you? The answer is simple: why they are potentially toxic. Being similar to sponges, they absorb all the impurities present in the surrounding environment.
In addition, among the contraindications of eating mushrooms during pregnancy we find:

  • Difficult to digest

Due to chitin, the substance that makes up its membrane.

  • High risk of poisoning and intoxication.

raw mushrooms during pregnancy guide In some cases even very serious.

  • They can damage the liver

According to experts, fungi should be avoided especially by those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders or have liver problems, given their high level of toxicity.

It is possible to eat mushrooms during pregnancy

Although experts maintain that mushrooms are potentially toxic and if ingested during pregnancy they can represent a serious risk to the fetus , know that still you can eat mushrooms when you are pregnant, the important thing is to make sure they are fresh and edible. Let’s dive deeper.

All future mothers during 40 weeks of gestation should follow a balanced diet to protect their health and that of the child. Mushrooms are just one of the foods to consider < / strong> in this particular period of life, but by following some precautions and tips that we give you below, you will no longer have to give up your favorite food.

  • Avoid eating raw mushrooms , possible vehicles of dangerous infections for mother and baby.
  • Always cook mushrooms before consuming them during pregnancy. , better if you can boil them in water for at least 5 minutes.
  • Do not overdo recommended weekly dose , which is around 200g.
  • Avoid the version of mushrooms in oil during pregnancy , like all pickles and pickles, could increase the risk of botulinum (microorganism responsible for poisoning). < / li>
  • Unlike those in oil, dried mushrooms instead , can be safely consumed during pregnancy as long as they have not expired and are bought in the supermarket and are not collected in the forest.
  • Spontaneous mushrooms collected on the other hand during outings, They must be absolutely avoided : if you are not sure, you can always contact a mushroom expert who will be able to help you .

Porcini mushrooms in pregnancy

Porcini mushrooms (Boletaceae – genus Boletus) are the best-known variety and probably more loved than the mushrooms on our tables.
Normally I am quite large , made up of a whitish stem and a large brown hat that can reach up to 35 cm in diameter. Furthermore, a a single porcini mushroom can weigh up to 3 kg.
The main problem with eating porcini mushrooms in pregnancy lies in the fact that they are difficult to recognize the poisonous types of those that are not. To be safe, it is best to eliminate them from your diet.
This is the advice also given by the Ministry of Health, the Poison Control Center and the Italian Zooprophylactic Institute: future mothers and children should give up porcini mushrooms, especially if they are eaten raw to avoid poisoning.

Mushrooms in pregnancy

The mushrooms are grown in their place and therefore available every day of the year. Slightly smaller than the porcini brothers, the mushrooms come with a white stem and hat. Its peculiarity is the flavor that is enhanced especially if eaten raw. For this reason, during pregnancy it is better to avoid them. But if you like them and want to include them in your recipes < strong>, sauté them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt , so you can be sure they won’t harm you or your baby.

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning

To be clear and explanatory, we prefer to dedicate a paragraph to symptoms that can occur in case of mushroom poisoning. If you recognize even one of these, consult your doctor immediately.
Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, these are the main symptoms of mushroom poisoning or poisoning:

  • diarrhea
  • stomach pain
  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • muscle cramps
  • drowsiness
  • anemia
  • irreversible liver damage
  • death, if no action is taken in time

During pregnancy, mushroom poisoning can cause spontaneous abortion.

Frequently asked questions about fungi in pregnancy

Are fungi and toxoplasmosis related?
toxoplasmosis is a caused disease of a parasite that may be present mainly in raw meats or raw sausages . Fungi are not part of this food category, so they cannot be the cause of toxoplasmosis. However, as we have already mentioned, being one of the “sponges” often attract inside a series of particles present in the environment and responsible for any virus or infection.

Can I eat mushrooms while breastfeeding?
Attention to diet does not end after the end of pregnancy, but also continues with breastfeeding. When you are breastfeeding your baby, you will need to pay attention to what you eat and that finisce inevitably in milk that you then feed your baby. Having said that, are there risks to the newborn if we eat mushrooms while breastfeeding? The main risk is always linked to the fact that in case of toxic particles these end up in the blood and later in the milk with serious consequences for the newborn. They are best avoided entirely if you are breastfeeding.

What happens if I exceed the weekly dose?
Every week you should not go beyond the 200g dose of mushrooms, especially if you are pregnant. If you overindulge in this type of food, you are not at risk as long as the mushrooms ingested are certified and safe and have been consumed cooked in boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Always pay attention and try to eat as balanced a diet as possible.

Should I also avoid other products with mushrooms?
For all other products that may contain mushrooms such as patés, prepared sauces, sauces, velvety or soups, the same rule always applies : find out about their origin , if they are safe and you bought the products in the supermarket then you should not worry, however the suggestion we give you is read the list of ingredients to understand what percentage of fungi are present in that specific preparation. Often times, some brands also indicate the type of mushroom used.

We hope you have achieved every piece of information concerning: raw mushrooms during pregnancy. Leave your reviews and discuss your impressions and views related to: raw mushrooms during pregnancy. We are generally available to answer all your questions with regards to pregnant state, healthy eating and also diets. Stay with us!

Stephany Bennett
Dr. Stephany Bennett is a registered nutritionist with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. She uses her research background to provide evidence-based advice on diet for pregnant women. She is a firm believer that nutritional science is an ever-changing field, so her pregnancy diet recommendations combine classic methods with the latest findings.


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