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Lemon is a fruit that is consumed a lot in Mexico, in almost all meals it is usually applied to the dish that is going to be eaten, but sometimes it is thought that due to its acidity it can be harmful, so It is good that you know whether or not you can eat lemon during pregnancy.

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The importance of a healthy diet in pregnancy

Your body will need much more care during pregnancy than it needed before this stage, since now you are in a delicate moment in which you must have the best possible health and avoid any complications.

It is normal for a woman to change her life from the moment she hears that she is pregnant, because knowing that you are going to be a mother can give you another perspective, even many women who did not have good habits begin to have them during this stage and they continue them for the rest of their lives.

It is necessary that during pregnancy you take sufficient care of your body, that is why you must attend the medical check-up, in which they will evaluate from your medical history, to the stages you go through in pregnancy. < / p>

sweet lime juice during pregnancy guide Outside of this control, it is also good to be informed about what is good and what is not good for your body, such as various foods, some exercise modalities and some day-to-day habits.

Pregnancy diet is a very important part that you must consider in order to have an effective development during this stage, since a balanced and varied diet is vital to have a healthy body.

For the above reason, you must know what foods you can eat during pregnancy and which ones to avoid, since some can be harmful to the baby and create some complications.

It is also good that you inform yourself properly about other foods, since there are many myths about some that can cause harm when they are really beneficial.

Lemon in pregnancy

It has been thought that it may be bad to consume lemon during pregnancy, as it is a fruit that has a very acidic taste, so it can be related to a symptom of heartburn.

Lemon is really very good during pregnancy, but you should consider that everything in excess is bad, so if you ate excessively this or any other food before, it is necessary that you adapt it to your diet in a balanced way. < / p>

Lemon is a fruit that contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins, among which you can find some such as calcium, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C or thiamine.

Among the benefits of consuming lemon during pregnancy are the following:

1.- Provides folic acid . This fruit is known for providing folic acid, one of the vitamins that are most needed during pregnancy as it prevents the development of neural tube defects, anencephaly and spina bifida mainly.

2.- Helps control nausea . Drinking lemon juice helps control nausea due to its fresh smell. Smelling a little lemon or squirting lemon in water can also help us with this problem.

3.- Help in the development of the baby . Lemon provides potassium and helps your child’s bone development.

4.- Prevents high pressure . Lemon also helps prevent high blood pressure, one of the most frequently avoided dangers in pregnancy as it can lead to pre-eclampsia.

5.- Helps with the discomfort of canker sores . Some future mothers may experience thrush during pregnancy, so you can apply lemon drops on these to reduce them.

6.- Helps with digestion: Lemon being an acidic food helps to break down food. This is why our stomach is full of acid. This stomach acid decreases as we age and a glass of water with lemon can facilitate digestion.

7.- It is a source of potassium for your body: without this mineral your body could not function. It is in charge of muscular nerve communication and is responsible for transporting nutrients and waste. Potassium also counteracts some of the effects of salt.

8.- It is a good source of vitamin C: if you add the juice of half a lemon to your water, with 6 calories you will get more than one sixth of the necessary amount of vitamin C. This vitamin It is used to protect us from cell damage and repair injuries.

Therefore, you can consume lemon without problems during pregnancy, although never excessively.

What problems can consuming a lot of lemon cause?

Lemon is a good way to consume vitamin C, a high intake of this vitamin can produce:

– gout attacks

– worsen kidney stones due to oxalate stones

– causes dehydration and frequent urination: this is due to the known diuretic properties. You may notice that taking a lot of lemon makes you feel dehydrated, you should try to drink water and reduce the consumption of lemon.

It should be noted that serious side effects caused by excess vitamin C are not frequent, since our body is not able to store large amounts of this vitamin.

In addition to vitamins, lemon being an acid element can:

– aggravate an inflamed or irritated esophagus

– worsen mouth wounds

– wear tooth enamel: this is accentuated especially if you drink a lot of lemon and drink little water or very frequently. You run the risk of damaging the enamel and making your teeth more sensitive.

– causes heartburn: this occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus (reflux). This causes a pain-burning sensation in the chest. In the event that you are prone to heartburn, you should reduce the consumption of acidic foods and drinks to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of heartburn. If you are taking the lemon with water, it is best to reduce the dose of lemon that you put in it.

Eating a lot of lemon can also be toxic, like many foods that may seem healthy at first. Even an excessive consumption of water can be harmful to health, avoid consuming any food or drink in a compulsive way. It is best to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, without excesses of anything.

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